Workplace Culture and Clinical Burnout

In our last blog posts, we examined clinical burnout and its negative effects on turnover within the healthcare industry.

According to a  cross-sectional study  derived from the National Sample Survey of Registered Nurses (NSSRN) 2008, the reasons why nurses and other clinicians suffer from burnout or leave the clinical sphere include two variables that can easily fall under workplace culture: the social work environment and organizational factors (Mazurenko, Gupte, Shan, 201, p. 50).  The social work environment and organizational factors range from burnout, stress, and physical demands to leadership, growth opportunity, scheduling, collaboration, and–of course–salary.

Culture guru and author of Great Mondays, Josh Levine, said, “culture is the foundation that can support or undermine an employee’s behaviors and choices” (p.4).  At Intara Talent Solutions, we believe in the power of culture assessments to understand our clients’ lay of the land and truly help them find the right people with the right skills to complement their team. We work with our clients to assess important environmental factors, such as the workload expectations, reward incentives, and communal values. Understanding corporate culture helps our recruiters identify candidates who not only possess the hard skills required for the positions but who also exhibit the work ethic and embody the character traits that will make for seamless integration onto the team.  

Still, we are not blind to the significant shift clinical workers need to make in order to be effective and satisfied in an entirely new workplace setting. That is why we have approached our own internal culture through a lens of mentorship. In the same study analyzing nurse turnover, it was found that leadership and management approach have a high impact on turnover rates. The results found that transformational leadership has positive effects on nurse retention. (Mazurenko, Gupte, Shan, 201, p.53-54). In the LinkedIn article The Full Range of Leadership Model, the author noted that in transformational leadership, management assumes the responsibility of a mentor in others’ pursuits to fill gaps or overcome obstacles (Sanchez, 2020).

To that effect, we are working to address a gap on both ends of the spectrum: making it easier for both our clients and our talent to find each other. Our clients in the public sector (e.g., governmental agencies) and the private sector (e.g., health insurance companies) encounter many hurdles in finding the right candidates for niche healthcare roles. Conversely, most clinicians don’t know how their experiences translate into these non-clinical professions. Despite this longstanding issue, we have yet to encounter a clear channel that allows clinical workers to transition to these roles through education or career transition training. 

We aim to solve this.  We have centered our staffing agency on a mentorship approach. Through the interviewing phase, our recruiters—who are also previous clinical workers– pass on practical knowledge about the transitional period from the clinical realm to the corporate setting. Through resume workshops and career counseling, we help candidates draw comparisons between clinical work and program integrity work, while also discussing the transition period as it relates to expectations, environment, and function.

According to an infographic generated by SHRM, which distills findings from a 2019 skills gap report, providing this kind of formal and informal training through seminars and workshops is an easy and effective method to address skill gaps.

To supplement clinical healthcare experience with the skills needed for program integrity work, Intara Talent solutions will also be unveiling a Medical Review Training program in 2022. Intara Co-founder Nisha Shajahan remarked, “we feel privileged to provide an opportunity for nurses to expand their options while still using their clinical training, should they pursue avenues outside of direct patient care.”

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