Intara Talent Solutions

Find your fit – without the fuss.

Simplify Your Search.

Even at the best of times, recruiting is a manual and time-consuming process that often siphons resources from your core business. Recruiting for niche positions is even more demanding.

It takes time and effort to assess your needs, align the skills and experience you want, articulate that within a listing and get that information in front of the right audience – and that’s just the first step. Pre-screening applicants, assessing fit, managing communication flows, and getting sign off is a hands-on process, and doing it right is crucial to keeping the best talent interested.

In this environment, it is all too easy to drop a ball, costing your organization efficiency, money, and most crucially – talent. Intara Talent Solutions can help.


Physicians, medical directors, nurses, coders and clinicians with expertise in Medicare, Medicaid, Managed Care, and targeted healthcare disciplines.


Seasoned healthcare industry experts with practical experience, ready to consult on project management, compliance and quality assurance.


Data analysts and statisticians with proven experience and expertise in Medicare, Medicaid & Managed Care.


Fraud analysts who understand billing and coding inside and out and can pinpoint (and prevent) noncompliance.

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